You, Too, Can Have a Freaky Good Marriage

Biblical Pre-Marriage Counseling for Christians

Who wants to have a boring marriage that grows old, stale, and disappointing? Nobody! What does God’s word have to say about marriage? Not only that it should be a vibrant, life-bringing relationship in Him, but that He desires that for you. How to Have a Freaky Marriage is biblical pre-marriage counseling designed to help you and your fiancé/fiancée to:
• Understand one another more deeply
• See God’s desire for marriage to be good, godly and gracious
• Plan for the future so that your marriage can grow with you, but never be boring.
We believe Christians should have a freaky good marriage!

Sure, sure, but what does it cover?

• Biblical roles that build each other up
• How to end fights and arguments early and get from frustrated to forgiven to reconciled
• The 4 kinds of love from the Koine Greek language
• How to come together to manage your money together in a meaningful way
• A deep dive into wedding vows – what does all that verbiage mean?
• The day after you’re married
• Parenting
• Your ministry together
• Biblical sexuality in marriage

Right, but will this be individualized study, or is this just cattle-car Christianity?

How to Have a Freaky Marriage is designed for you and your fiancé/fiancée to go through a series of lessons that look at God’s Word and answer questions designed to help the two of you understand one another and to understand God’s word together. We recommend finding an older couple with a freaky good marriage to go through the lessons with you because they can help add color, offer guidance on questions you think of, and generally build into your marriage long after your wedding date.

How to Have a Freaky Marriage comes with a leaders’ guide to help the discipling couple so that you can approach your time together with confidence.

There are 10 lessons so that you should be able to talk through with your fiancé/fiancée before your wedding – unless of course you need to complete some of the lessons after the wedding.

I get it, but how can I get this book?

To get an advance copy please send an email to Once we’ve worked out the kinks (no pun intended) we’ll provide links for where you can get your very own copy in print or digital formats.